MedTech Startups Raising Capital


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Warm introductions, relationships, and pertinent investor information are key to raising capital efficiently. MedTech Money helps make this process a little easier.

The MedTech Startup Resource

MedTech Money is the resource dedicated to MedTech startups with the purpose of providing a community, insights, services, and products that save time for entrepreneurs who are in the process of raising capital.

What is MedTech?

Technology that provides a solution or service to healthcare providers

Devices, systems, or platforms for informing, diagnosing, or treating patients

Technology without a primary mode of action of pharmaceuticals or biotechnology

Connect Medtech Innovators with Investors

Connect With Relevant Investors

Raising capital for early-stage MedTech startups is challenging. The process of connecting with investors is inefficient, fragmented, and mysterious.

Entrepreneurs often have limited networks, time-consuming methods to identify investors, and lack the community, insights, and resources to efficiently traverse the capital raising process.

Additionally, MedTech investors famously have been moving towards later-stage companies or leaving for the biopharma and high-tech industries. MedTech Money was created to address these challenges as the dedicated resource for insights on raising capital and connecting early-stage MedTech startups with relevant investors.

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