MedTech Money's Privacy Policy

Who We Are & Scope of this Policy:

We are a for-profit corporation that unites medtech startups, medtech investors, and medtech services providers. We do not have any affiliates or subdivisions.

We created and follow this Privacy Policy to protect the privacy of the people with whom we interact.

This Privacy Policy applies to all the personal information we collect about:

Our primary purpose and business model are helping the people within Our Community obtain information about each other. Medtech companies benefit from knowing information about investors and reputable service providers. Medtech investors benefit from knowing information about the companies and reputable services providers that can help their medtech investments. And, medtech service providers benefit from knowing information about the companies and investors.

The Personal Information We Collect:

We collect a broad range of information from and about the people within Our Community and those outside Our Community who interact with our services and/or website. This information includes but is not limited to the following:

In this Privacy Policy, we collectively refer to all this information as "Personal Information."

Our listing above of examples of types of information about medtech companies, investors, and service providers should not be construed as limiting the information that we collect about the people within Our Community. Our main goal and business model require that we constantly search for new information that can help Our Community thrive.

When people buy services or products from us, they will pay using a credit card. We do not keep any information about their credit card processing. Instead, we contracted with a third-party payment processor for that service, Stripe, which uses your credit card information to process your payment. You can find their privacy policy here .

How We Collect Your Personal Information:

We collect Personal Information from any and/or all these sources:

We will continue to search for efficient ways to collect more Personal Information. And, if we find such ways, we will amend this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes.

What We Do With Your Personal Information:

We use the Personal Information we collect in the following ways:

As explained in the section of this Privacy Policy titled "Your Rights To Access, Correct, Control, And Delete Your Personal Information", you can influence what we do with your Personal Information.

Your Rights To Access, Correct, Control, And Delete Your Personal Information:

People whose Personal Information is within our possession have the following rights —

To exercise any of the rights, please follow the instructions set forth below in the section of this Privacy Policy titled "How To Contact Us With Requests, Comments, And Questions".

Our Children's Privacy Policy And Practices:

We do not knowingly collect information about people under the age of 18. Because the interactions that our website and/or business do not involve any material and/or information that interests minors or could adversely affect them, we do not independently verify the age of the people using our website and services. This means that we might unintentionally and inadvertently collect some Personal Information of a minor who uses our website.

Our Data Security And Retention Policies And Practices:

To protect your Personal Information from unauthorized disclosure/use, we take the following precautions:

Our "Do Not Track" Disclosure

We do not track people across third party websites to provide targeted advertising. Therefore, we do not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals.

How To Contact Us With Requests, Comments, and Questions:

To contact us with requests, comments, and/or questions, please email us at Before disclosing any Personal Information, we will verify the identity of the person making the request.

Last Update:

This Privacy Policy was updated on December 2, 2020. We will update this Privacy Policy at least once every 12 months.